About the Caffé

Yeah…we know…sometimes saying “a neighborhood caffé in the European tradition”, confuses people. So, we’ll skip the abstract stuff or worse, tell you we’re the “go to” destination for Burlingame.

Instead, we’ll just tell you we’re a great place to get coffee, read, write your next novel or debate politics. Think of us like a Bohemian sanctuary. Each section of the cafe brings its own charm, whether it’s the long table by the fireplace or the outside tables by the wall mural. Yes, the woman in the mural is the same mysterious lady who graces the cups.

While we’re on the subject of sections, there’s a reason why each area is distinct. In 1990, when Dave started the cafe, it was 1/3 the size and comprised the section in front of the counter. Several years later, the cafe expanded to include the area to the right through the big arch. Hard to believe that area was once a nail salon. The area to the left and kitchen came from the most recent expansion. Extra points if you can remember what business it was.

We thought about changing the name to Piccolo Plus, but realized it would be too much paperwork and Dave wouldn’t want to get 4 million paper cups reprinted. Except, we later learned that when Dave was thinking of “piccolo”, he wasn’t looking at it the same way as everyone else. “Piccolo” didn’t have anything to do with the Italian word for “small” or the size of the caffé. Nope. Mr. “Analyze this” was merely stating he didn’t want to be a big corporate brand. Ci dispiace che non ha ottenuto il memo.

We invite you to stop by and check us out. Till then, take a look at the cafe slideshow. If you’ve had too much caffeine or can’t wait, you can click a picture to advance to the next slide.

Uno non può pensare bene, amare bene, dormire bene, se non ha mangiato bene.

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